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CSV monitoring with #scom #sysctr reprise

Things never come easy, I should have known better this Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) monitoring story would lead to more work to be done. But, after all, this is what Quae Nocent Docent (what hurts teaches) is here for. In my last post and project on CSV monitoring I started from a wrong assumption based […]


Cluster CSV disk monitoring with #scom #sysctr

The standard cluster disk monitoring management pack falls short on monitoring cluster disks and cluster shared volumes (CSV). I wrote on the topic a while ago (The new OS management pack and cluster disks) and it was time to add some more contents to the previsou management pack. In my previous post I wrote I […]


Failover cluster – is your rhs.exe crashing or your cluster taking a lifetime to shutdown?

March 23rd update. Eventually Microsoft acknowledged the issue:   Well if you have one or both these issues then you probably are in the same situation we stumble into. On a customer site, relying heavily on Hyper-v failover clusters, we started to have “strange” issues: The VMs started to shutdown unexpectedly and we got […]


Eventually we got cumulative 1 for R2

It will resolve the cluster issues I reported on and the annoying issue with health state mismatch, among the others. Strongly recommended, after proper testing. Cumulative Update 1 for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Cumulative Update 1 contains a number of fixes for the Operations Manager 2007 R2 release. A number of fixes require […]

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Failover cluster monitoring – quick insight

While I was trying to understand why my cluster nodes won’t dismiss I dug a little more inside cluster monitoring with opsmgr. As usual I have  no access to source code so I can go wrong on some assumptions. The core logic behind cluster discovery and management is coded (natively) in mommodules.dll. The dll exports: […]

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