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Progel Libra Esva Management Pack for #sysctr #scom released

Following up with my SNMP management pack development series I just published on codeplex ( a complete management pack to monitor Libra Esva antispam devices. The management pack is pretty complete for a v 1, even if there are a few caveats: it lacks the presentation artifacts when the devices are configured in an High […]

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One module to rule them all – a custom #scom managed module #sysctr

One module to rule them all – a custom #scom managed module During many years of MP development I faced cases where I would have loved the chance to pass a complete DataItem to a powershell module. There are many real world cases when you’d want to do that: –          You want to leverage the […]


Discovering and monitoring SNMP tables [SNMP MP Chap 5] #scom #sysctr

It has been a while since I first wrote about SNMP monitoring with OpsMgr. In my last installment I left open the chance to build a more sophisticated module to better manage tables, since I didn’t receive many requests I left the chance on the table, until today. The bad guy that pushed me to […]


#scom 2012 R2 agents don’t upgrade to UR2

#scom 2012 R2 agents don’t upgrade to UR2 The freshly released UR2 for system center 2012 R2 operations manager has a nasty issue where agents (silently) fail to upgrade. This can be solved forcing an agent repair. Read more at this Stan post on SystemCenterCentral.


Addendum Management Pack for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 #sysctr #scom

This new addendum MP for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 is set to grow with new rules and monitors. In this release it offers: [rule] Alerting on dirty shutdown of any OS Environment (warning level). [rule] Alerting on boken trust relationship with the domain of reference for any OS Environment (warning […]

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