CSV monitoring with #scom #sysctr reprise

Things never come easy, I should have known better this Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) monitoring story would lead to more work to be done. But, after all, this is what Quae Nocent Docent (what hurts teaches) is here for. In my last post and project on CSV monitoring I started from a wrong assumption based […]


Cluster CSV disk monitoring with #scom #sysctr

The standard cluster disk monitoring management pack falls short on monitoring cluster disks and cluster shared volumes (CSV). I wrote on the topic a while ago (The new OS management pack and cluster disks) and it was time to add some more contents to the previsou management pack. In my previous post I wrote I […]


Automating Windows #Azure VM backups

Using Azure IaaS is great, but like all IaaS solutions it still requires some administrative efforts. In my last installment, I detailed how to use Windows Azure backup and recovery services to protect data contained in virtual machines and how to monitor the success of the backup operations with System Center Operations Manager (https://nocentdocent.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/windows-azure-backup-agent-monitoring-with-sysctr-scom-2/). Protecting […]

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Windows #Azure backup agent monitoring with #sysctr #scom

In the last couple of months, I worked head down to build an offer for an hybrid cloud solution based on Windows Azure. The solution is aimed at giving a quick answer to all the scenarios where a new project needs to be activated “for yesterday”. I know, you know. Enabling an hybrid cloud using […]

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Service Manager future #scsm

Another quick cross post on a highly sensible issue. What’s going on with Service Manager? Read Christian’s post here System Center: Service Manager – A phoenix in its own right Daniele

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