Patching blues – QFE 958490 pumps up HealthService CPU Usage on agents

Quick warning to everyone reading. Today I tried KB 958490 who promised to solve a long dated annoying issue with dependency rollup monitors. Alas the cure, at least in my environment, proved to be worse than the disease. In fact as soon as I tried it in my lab and my limited production environment, the healthservice on every agent jumped up in CPU utilization. This increase is independent by the patch level of the agent (i.e. it can be patched or not, it doesn’t change the net result) and correlated to the patch level of the RMS. So as soon as you update the RMS and the MS you get the issue. The following graph on HealthService CPU Utilization is self explanatory:


My advice: stay away form the fix until it won’t be re-released (as usual, sigh).

If anyone’s having a different experience it’d be great to hear about.

btw the fix doesn’t fix only the dll’s reported by the KB but MOMAgentInstaller.exe as well.


– Daniele

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