Configuration Manager Dashboards

The Solution Accelerators team recently released the Configuration Manager Dashboard ( The dashboard is a WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 solution that tries to give an high level graphical representation of the data contained in ConfigMgr. The dashboard solution is useful to give IT executives a understandable view of common ICT processes such as OS distribution, patching compliance, specific software distributions metrics. More, the dashboard is generic enough you can extract any kind of summary data from any kind of SQL database even from OpsMgr databases (check this post from my fellow MVP Anders

I rushed to install the soluiton in my demo lab and I wanted to integrate it in out demo MOSS 2007 portal. I must say the setup procedure is very well designed it takes care of creating the new web application, site collection, site and then uploading the sharepoint solution and all the other stuff that you need. If you’ve worked with MOSS you know these are truly time savers. Just two small issues I want to make you aware:

  1. the setup procedure doesn’t take into account the chance to have host header it requires a unique IP / port combination
  2. the setup procedure doesn’t take care of granting the application pool account the proper rights in the ConfigMgr database

If you rush in as I did you’ll get "User controls have not been created. Please refresh page to create user controls" error message, no matter how many time you refresh your page, you really need to grant the proper rights to the ConfigMgr database :-)


To check if this is your case just edit the dashboard page


and then select and modify a configuration profile, there you’ll find a more meaningful error message


Granting the data reader role to the application pool account for the ConfigMgr database seems enough to make the dashboard work appropriately

– Daniele

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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