OpsMgr CU5 – issues you must be aware of

After a couple of months from its release we deployed CU5 in production (from CU4), this has been the occasion to prepare the whole infrastructure for OpsMgr 2012 so it took its time.

I want to share with you a few minor issues with CU5, for a complete step by step guide there’s, as usual, Kevin’s post.

First of all the KB is wrong in the unattended command line options, it states to use /UpdateAgent while /Agent should be used instead:

SetupUpdateOM.exe /x86msp:KB<#>-x86.msp /amd64msp:KB<#>-x64.msp /ia64msp:KB<#>-ia64.msp /x86locmsp:KB<#>-x86-<LOC>.msp /amd64locmsp:KB<#>-x64-<LOC>.msp /ia64locmsp:KB<#>-ia64-<LOC>.msp /UpdateAgent /Silent /noreboot

SetupUpdateOM.exe /x86msp:KB<#>-x86.msp /amd64msp:KB<#>-x64.msp /ia64msp:KB<#>-ia64.msp /x86locmsp:KB<#>-x86-<LOC>.msp /amd64locmsp:KB<#>-x64-<LOC>.msp /ia64locmsp:KB<#>-ia64-<LOC>.msp /Agent /Silent /noreboot

In my experience the difference is subtle since the setup completes successfully in both cases, but then some odd behavior start to appear: in my case the agents didn’t go into pending upgrade status.

Secondly we must be aware the patchlist field will report both CU4 and CU5, alas this was something resolved in previous CUs that returned in CU5.


The reporting issues with SQL 2008 are still there (actually they tried to fix the issue, but the fix is broken), when you try to edit a schedule you’re going to hit this error message:


Lastly be prepared to a lot of unexpected service termination alerts from your HealthService services during upgrade, they can be ignored.

– Daniele

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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