Kemp LoadMaster #scom Management Pack v2

Together with my fellow MVP Stanislav Zhelyazkov (@StanZhelyazkov) we just released version 2 of our community basd Management Pack for Kemp LoadMaster devices. The MP is currently available on Codeplex ( and on Technet Gallery (

In version 2 we:

  • optimized the discovery process
  • fixed several minor annoyance related to discovery
  • added CPU, Memory and Port monitoring for the device
  • added a new device Dashboard
  • added a new dashboard configuration for SquaredUp console (
  • revised and fixed typos in naming and knowledge base articles
  • added a couple a new dependency to a new release of the QND Operations Manager SNMP Monitoring library and to System Center Operations Manager Managed Modules Data Item Encoder Library, both present on CodePlex. These two dependencies are needed for the new optimized discovery mechanism.

Even if no management pack is finished, this is be definition, we now have a fairly complete monitoring experience completely integrated in Operations Manager.

Now the device is a first class citizen in the network node dashboard, with response time, CPU and port traffic collected and monitored out of the box:


The new device dashbaord is the first try in giving an all in one status view, but we know we must invest a little more on this topic to embrace a SQL database like dashbaord experience:


Lastly we wanted to include a SquaredUp dashboard configuration file, I firmly believe SquaredUp is a great and cost effective solution to bring the power of OpsMgr on every device (and no, I’m not a SquaredUp stock holder Smile)


Stan has written a fairly complete documentation and installation guide on codeplex, just take a look at the documentation page 

Also the Kemp LoadMaster Management Pack is a good starting point to learn how to develop a Management Pack for advanced SNMP monitoring.

As usual Stan and I are waiting for your feedbacks and concerns.

  • Daniele

This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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