#scom OS MP 6.0.7294.0 serious flaw

a new MP has been released that should fix the issue. Not tested yet.
Just a quick warning to all the SCOM admins reading. The latest OS MP (6.0.7294.0) has a serious flaw with logical disks performance collection. Basically it squares you collected perf data points for logical disks. Based on your environment this can have a huge impact on both live and data warehouse databases and potentially break reporting on logical disks. I would stay way from this MP until is is fixed.

The issue has been posted on Connect as well ((https://connect.microsoft.com/WindowsServer/feedback/details/1081666/opsmgr-os-mp-6-0-7294-0-collects-duplicate-performance-counters-for-disks)



  • Daniele

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  1. #1 by Sunil on March 9, 2015 - 4:26 pm

    I hope this issues are fixed in OS version 6.0.7296.0

  2. #2 by jurelab on January 31, 2015 - 9:16 am

  3. #3 by Coen van Dijk on January 29, 2015 - 11:20 am

    Also version 6.0.7292.0 has a nasty flaw. When you enable mount point discovery all ‘normal’ disks are rediscovered again. For example logical disk C: is discovered as mount point C:\

  4. #4 by systemcenterrocks on January 13, 2015 - 12:32 pm

    Hi! I cannot access the connect posting, so I created a new entry to vote on it: https://connect.microsoft.com/WindowsServer/feedback/details/1086239
    Thanks, Patrick

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