#Azure Backup quickly protect your VMs with powershell #OMS

Now that Azure Backup can be automated using powershell it’s super easy to create a backup vault and start protecting your virtual machines.

switch-azuremode AzureResourceManager
New-AzureResourceGroup –Name $rgname -Location westeurope
$backupvault = New-AzureRMBackupVault –ResourceGroupName $rgname –Name 'Infra-Vault' –Storage LocallyRedundant -Region westeurope
#Daily backup with 10 days retention
$newpolicy = New-AzureRMBackupProtectionPolicy -Name Daily10 -Type AzureVM -Daily -BackupTime ([datetime]"11:30 PM") -RetentionPolicy ($Daily) -Vault $backupvault
#get all the v1 VMs in curent Subscription
$vms = AzureGet-AzureVM
foreach($vm in $vms) {
    if(Get-AzureRMBackupContainer -Vault $backupVault -Type AzureVM -Name $vm.Name -Status NotRegistered) {
        $registerjobs += Register-AzureRMBackupContainer -Vault $backupvault -Name $vm.Name -ServiceName $vm.ServiceName
#we can wait on jobs
#$registerJobs | Wait-AzureRMBackupJob
#we can check the results
Get-AzureRMBackupContainer -Vault $backupVault -Type AzureVM

Known bugs and limitations:
– you cannot protect v2 Virtual Machines (i.e. ARM deployed VMs)
– the current powershell module (0.9.8) has a bug with mixed case virtual machines
– the current powershell module (0.9.8) has bug where it doesn’t return the backup jobs on systems with with non ENU locale

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