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I follow up my previous post Monitoring MS OMS the other way around with a couple of new Management Pack.
Before going into what I just released let me just spend a minute on the rationale of monitoring OMS from SCOM. To set it straight I strongly believe OMS in the medium term will become the first choice monitoring soloution for any modern IT, so the question is why develop management packs to monitor it from scom? There are plenty of reasons:

  1. OMS is not a monitoring solution yet
  2. We’re using several OMS components today in production and I guess many are doing this if they have workloads on Azure
    1. we’re currently using Operational Insights for log anayltics
    2. we’re currently using Azure backup to protect our IaaS VMs on Azure and as a remote site for long term backup retention
    3. we’re currently using Azure Automation for orchestrating patching using hybrid workers and to basically deliver all our automation needs across many customers
    4. a few of our customers are starting to use Azure Site Recovery for their DR needs
  3. SCOM is a well established monitoring solution across the board and we want to have a single place where our operators can manage alerting

With so many critical services leveraging today OMS it’s clear the need of monitoring them, so I added to the first MP a few more scenarios:

  1. Azure Backup Monitoring
    1. Discovery of all Azure Backup agents and thier local job status
    2. Discovery of all the backup vaults
    3. Monitor for jobs failures
    4. Monitor for backup age compared to the policy applied to the resources
  2. Azure Automation Monitoring
    1. Discovery of all the automation accounts and the runbooks within
    2. Monitor for runbook execution failures
    3. Monitor for webhooks expiration
    4. Monitor for last execution age, i.e. a runbook that’s supposed to run but it is not
    5. Monitor for long running runbooks

This is only a start and I will add more monitors as needs arises, you can find the management packs on github since they’re community based MPs. Also you can find more documentation there especially on the mechanics of discovery and the behavior of adaptive monitors, also beware that some monitors are disabled by default and that the MPs are at their early stages, so documentaion is partial, sometime KB articles are at a minimum or entirely missing. As usual contribution is welcomed.


This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights



  1. Operations Management Suite – Tech Guide

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