More cool stuff for #MSOMS

I finally can share with you more cool stuff that will be soon available for Microsoft Operations Management Suite. I’ve been bound by my NDA until it finally went public.

The innovation pace the team is keeping for MSOMS is really unbelievable, this solution is growing fast and solid and really it is a solution we’re using in production today. So it is growing but still you can leverage what OMS is offering today. Just to give you an idea these are the new key features released (mind just the major ones) since July 2015:

  • Linux agent and Chef and Zabbix integration
  • WIreData Intelligence Pack
  • Near realtime performance collection
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Azure diagnostics integration
  • public OMS search API
  • Azure IaaS VM (xplat) host based backup
  • protection for application workloads on Azure IaaS
  • Backup GFS schema protection
  • Ability to protect IaaS VMs up to 16 data disks
  • Site Recovery SQL AlwaysOn Integration
  • DSC Support in Automation
  • Powershell scripts support in Automation
  • Community Gallery
  • Webhooks for Azure Alert (with hybrid workers support)
  • Source Control Integration

And for sure I’m forgetting something.

Now I can share the product group is working on:

  • docker containers monitoring from Operational Insights
  • a cross platform patching solution that integrates Operational Insights and Automation
  • an integrated network monitoring solution the get visibility into latencies, loss, performance and more

And there’s more, but cannot talk or blog about it, yet.

Docker visibility

Gain visibility into Docker containers in your environment, with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS). The readymade container solution, in development, provides you a dashboard view of the status of all the Docker containers in your environment, including performance metrics for the containers and their hosts. Using the log search capabilities, you can also search on logs from Docker daemon and the containers. Extending your ability to spot problems and troubleshoot issues quick on applications running Docker containers.

Patching across the board

Remove the uncertainty out of patching your servers with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS). The patching solution, in development, provides insights into time estimates and sequence of patches needed to keep your servers up-to date. You can do intelligent patching with workload awareness across heterogeneous environments, including Linux. Relieve the stress out of patching by maintaining control of when and how to patch. Patching during business hours will become a reality.

Network insights

Network management made easy with Microsoft Operations Management Suite. The Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) solution, in development, enables you to reduce network issues and speed up time to resolution with increased visibility into your network traffic flow. Assess loss and latency across subnets and network paths.


This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights

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