#Azure notable releases in the last 10 days

Continuing my travel notes on Azure here is a shot list of notable releases in the last week:

  • Azure Automation Hybrid Worker now supports proxy, alas only for powershell runbooks and not for workflow runbooks. But it’s an important first step in getting rid of all the non custom ports required by hybrid workers. Just check your agent version is at least 7.2.11136.0 (%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\AzureAutomation).
  • and Azure Automation can (eventually) ingest job results into Log Analytics. Now we can search and alert on jobs result and remember if you run SCOM you can be alerted using my community MP, plus any alert rule you define in Log Analytics is discovered and monitored in SCOM. There’s Microsoft provided script or you can use my own to be able to better manage multiple accounts scroll to the end of the post for the specific snippet
  • still on OMS, you can now try the Azure Backup [monitoring and alerting] feature(https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/alerting-and-monitoring-for-azure-backup/). Remember that Azure backup can be monitored by my MP as well.
  • ASR improves Linux suppor for VMWare and AWS


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