#Azure notable updates w16-34

#MSOMS went though some major updates this week:

  • The settings pane has been completely reengineered, there are still a few glitches, but it looks much more mature now
  • The Security Solution is now GA
    • View the overall security status of your entire IT environment.
    • Combine log event data, threat intelligence, and Microsoft security expertise to detect security threats to your hybrid cloud environment sooner.
    • Contain and remediate threats and breaches earlier to mitigate damage or prevent exfiltration.
    • Take advantage of the low-cost data storage of a cloud-based management solution for a more complete and accurate security data set.
    • Streamline security and compliance audits with a searchable, complete, and accessible data set.
  • even the container solution is now in public preview
  • Last but not least, the OMS Agent for Linux that’s built on the open source project, FluentD, is now GA.

N-Series VM are now in public preview, even if the App Remoting story for Azure is all to be seen after the retirement of Azure RemoteApp in what is a move that for sure raises concerns on Microsoft commitment on the whole application remoting story. This is not the way to build trust a one year decommissioning notice of a GA service is not the way to go for enterprise based services.

Machine Learning is now available in the Azure portal, another step in decommissioning manage.windowsazure.com. Also Service bus has been moved to the new portal.

SQL Azure hits the 4000 DTUs and 1TB database size with the newly released P15 level.


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