#Azure notable updates w16-35

Here we are again, with my personal view of what’s new in the Azure realm:
Azure Batch is great, it lets you write micro code snippets to perform useful batch processes. This week full support for Linux worker is GA and you can now connect Windows worker to your virtual network, giving you full private connectivity. Plus you can now persist your batch job output on Azure Storage limiting the need (but not avoiding it all together) to write your persistence code.
OMS is still delivering at an outstanding pace

  • first the team introduced multi level groups in aggregations (basically after the by clause you can now specify a comma separated list of fields)
  • then we eventually have in GA the ingestion API even if still lacks the ability to define a common Computer field. For a jump start see my good friend Tao’s powershell module
  • a new post on Network Performance monitoring has been published. The feature is currently in public preview. It deserves a try for sure, just remember to have at least two probes per network segment if you don’t want to have alerts when you reboot a probe machine.
  • new post as well for the Agent Heartbeat solution
    • Last but not least, when cloud is all about trust and proper operations, Microsoft Azure is the first hyper-scale cloud computing platform to enable Affordable Care Act (ACA) Administering Entities (AEs) to address the Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E) 2.0 security and privacy control requirements


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