Leveraging #MSOMS perf data for basic trend analysis

This is an internal project my team developed @Progelspa, the idea is very simple: leverage Log Analytics data to create a shortlist of usage trend patterns that may need to be investigated by a human. The solution addresses the following requirements:

  • be able to specify a set of intervals to compare the usage with. A common setting we use is: compare data from last week, to the previous week and to the previous month.
  • be able to specify an absolute attention threshold
  • be able to manage both growing and decreasing counters, for example processor usage and disk free space
  • be able to specify an ignore threshold to avoid trending on under utilized systems
  • be able to use any aggregation function available in OMS
  • be able to send the shortlist by email using visual sparklines to help the human understand at a glance
  • and obviously be able to specify the notable differences in percentage or absolute value

Trend 05-09-2016 17-36-35

Indeed this is what we have achieved so far, it is working and we’re using it, but as far as appetite grows with eating there are a ton of things that can be added, for example with Log Analytics we can have aggregation on any data type not only for performance data, a lot needs to be done in terms of error checking and so on.

So the question for the community is: is this something valuable? Anyone available for contributions?
I don’t even know if will be cleared for open sourcing the project, but before any attempt I need to check if it is worth or not.



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