#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates w12-17


Azure DocumentDB is improving the query language adding the first set of aggregate functions

Usage Description
COUNT Returns the number of items in the expression.
SUM Returns the sum of all the values in the expression.
MIN Returns the minimum value in the expression.
MAX Returns the maximum value in the expression.
AVG Returns the average of the values in the expression.

Web Apps on Linux currently in preview adds WordPress for App Service on Linux. The service cannot currently be scaled to multiple instances: the MariaDB is included in the docker image and thus local.

This has been in preview for a long time and is generally available, you can associate multiple IP addresses to single nic in an Azure VM.

AzureAD application proxy now adds support for apps that use headers for authentication (it already supports integrated and form based authentication). This has been implemented through a partnership with PingAccess and will be available only for AAD Premium licensed users and PingAccess must be installed on premises. Honestly: too many ands.

Use Azure AD B2C to grant access to your Web API apps

Azure Service Fabric 5.5 deployed

After a long time a new feature has been added to Traffic Manager. With Geo routing you can now apply requests routing based on end user origin.

First release of Azure resource Manager templates documentation has been published. It was due time, after a first look it seems fairly complete.

Now I’ve always been fascinated by data analysis, I even studied statistics at the University before giving up, and all this Machine Learning stuff is really intriguing me. No model will ever be bullet proof, but if not tested, well it risks failure. That’s why I post this Data Simulator tool. Probably I will never have the time to give these technologies a try, but who knows…


Application consistenet backup extends to Linux workloads with Azure Backup it does this with pre and post scripts, this opens the platform to community contributions.

Azure Application Insights is now part of OMS. From what I can understand this is an offer that applies to OMS suites and App Insights must be configured iat the Enterprise tier. Nothing changes for customer in the pay-as-you-go model.

Free tier tracking dashboard great accelerator for POC and test.

Do you plan to use Azure Automation? You better do, but first take these good advices from my fellow MVPs Tao and Michael

Azure Backup adds pre-checks for Azure VM in a try to increase the success rate of VM protection.


System Center Management Pack for Active Directory Federation Services version released

Now there are no more excuses, if you’re using SCOM you must try @SquaredUp it’s free up to 3 named users

If you plan to implement SCOM 2016 you better wait for UR3. It fixes a nasty issue with APM modules and Application Pool running under the .NET 2.0 runtime.

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