#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 19/17

This has been the Build week, tons of new announcements, some immediately available, some not. I’ll try to focus on what I think is really important and set aside the inevitable marketing hype of these events. Here(https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/new-innovations-at-microsoft-build-2017-helping-developers-achieve-more/) is a good

First of all we learned that things on Azure have different flavor of maturity:

  • Generally Available
  • Private Preview
  • Public preview
  • Limited Public Preview
  • Production-ready Preview

Waiting for the next preview type :-)


The big announcement is without any doubt Cosmos DB a multi API no-sql database, currently supporting: DocumentDB, MongoDB, Azure Table Storage and Gremlin (graph API).

Secondly and finally, even if only in preview and with limited capabilities, we have MySQL e PostgreSQL as managed services. This is great! We needed it in many projects and we’ve been forced to use MySQL on VMs. Now things are going to change.

Cognitive Services are indeed an hot topic, they open a new world of opportunities.
In a somewhat related news, the ND series VMs have been announced

Serverless computing is great and Azure Functions are improving at the speed of light, now we can test azure functions on-premises without an Azure subscriptions. You can read all the announcements for serverless computing here.

Azure SQL Database now supports transparent geographic failover of database groups(https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/azure-sql-database-now-supports-transparent-geographic-failover-of-multiple-databases-featuring-automatic-activation/). This feature extends the geo replica and autofailover that we had for the last 3 years for single databases to a group of databases as a unit.

Azure database migration service is now in limited preview. It promises to be able to migrate your SQL, Oracle and MySQL databases to Azure SQL Databases with nearly no downtime.

Azure autoscale now is capable of triggering scale actions as early as 1 minute after a metric value crosses the threshold set. Now custom metrics can be used to build the scale rules. These rules can be based on Azure motioning metrics and on AppInsights metrics. For more info

Azure App for Linux, currently in preview, gets new features:

  • deployment slots
  • autoscale
  • ssh support
  • continuous integration

Read more…

Azure File Storage gets its encryption story.

New Microsoft Authentication SDKs now in production-ready preview(sigh).

Azure IoT Edge allows to you move intelligence to your edges leveraging containers. This is a nice piece of technology that follows current trends in IoT where edges are getting more and more intelligent and resilient to lack of communication to the cloud.

Azure ARM templates get new features. New Functions, conditions, copy loop for properties (oh yeah) and more. This makes life easier when creating templates and minimize the need of nested templates


New version of the linux agent for OMS. Version 1.3.4-127
Bug Fix + Docker provider version 1.0.0-23

Azure Backup now supports backup of Managed VMs encrypted using Azure Disk Encryption(ADE) – for both Windows and Linux.

IT Service Management Connector is now in public preview.. It allows you to connect OMS to your Service Management solution, currently it supports ServiceNow, Cherwell, Provance and System Center Service Manager.

AppInsights adds business related metrics to its capabilities, giving insights on actual application usage. Speaking of AppInsights the Application Insights Profiler is GA for Azure App Service and preview for compute resources (VMs, Scale Sets, Service Fabric). AppInsights profiler enables you to capture and view performance traces for your application. It captures the following information:

  • The median, fastest and slowest response times for each web request made by your customers
  • The “hot” code path that takes the longest time when handling a particular web request

We’re not finished yet, at Build they announced:

  • Snapshot debugger (and profiler) show you execution traces from your live web app where customers encountered problems (and a few, for comparison, where they didn’t). No more hours trying to reproduce a rare failure or performance issue, and much faster fixes!
  • Application Map now shows all the dependent roles and components of your application on one active diagram – including clients, web services, backend services, Azure Functions, Service Fabric, Kubernetes. Every node shows its performance and has click-through to diagnostics.
  • Smart Detection helps you quickly identify the root causes of performance anomalies.

OMS adds Service Fabric Containers monitoring

System Center

Microsoft Azure SQL database Management pack updated to version
From the release notes:

  • Support for Azure AD authentication
  • Health monitoring for database geo-replication
  • Health monitoring for elastic pools
  • Support for multiple subscriptions and multiple servers

Azure Stack is warming up and here we have a management pack to monitor it.

Kevin did it again. A very useful Agent Management Pack. The only pity it is not on github so we can contribute :-).


This one is important, Visual Studio Code is set to become the new Powershell ISE. And I like it!


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