#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 21/17


Microsoft Azure obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, addressing Quality Management systems.

4TB disks are coming soon. IMO they’re especially important for ASR and backup scenarios.

Azure AD privileged identity management approval workflows are now in public preview. Privileged identity management is just enough administration for Azure, it’s a great feature to protect your admin accounts and to delegate for specific tasks, be warned it requires P2 licensing tier.


Application Insights Enterprise is now part of Operations Management Suite. It’s a way to add more value to your OMS licensing.

Solution Targeting for Log Analytics is now in public preview. It allows to scope solutions to set of computers.

My good friend Stan discovered that apart from Computer and TimeGenerated there are other fields with reserved names in LA. This is useful if you’re ingesting your custom data and you want to leverage common fields that can be used across data Types.

New minor release for the OMS agent for Linux version 1.3.5-127. Just bug fixing for python ctypes on SELinux policy enabled systems.

System Center

Update Rollup 3 has been released for SCOM 2016, Service Manger 2016, VMM 2016. Needless to say they’re always a must install.

There are a series of companion MPs released as well:

  • Unix MPs version 7.6.1076.0
  • Cluster MP version
  • Azure Stack MP version
  • Active Directory MP version

, ,

  1. Monthly IT Newsletter – May 2017 – Guy UC World

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