#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 26/17


Azure container registry gets new preview SKUs and capabilities, features include:

  • AAD authentication for repositories
  • Delete operations
  • Webhook support

Azure service health preview is finally public. You can now find all the issues affecting the artifacts in the chosen subscription, you have:

  • Current ongoing issues
  • Planned maintenance schedules
  • Past issues

Another news I’ve lost in cyberspace is the support for Azure AD in Azure AD B2C with this addition we’re seriously considering to adopt AAD B2C as our identity framework for external facing applications. More info on Azure AD Intergration and ADFS Integration

Azure SQL Data Sync 2.0, the service that keeps your on-prem SQL Dbs replicated with Azure SQL DB, is now GA


This is not a news per se, but the integration of OMS in Azure is continuing, in this post by Jenny you can find how to enable change tracking for Virtual Machines directory in VM blade.

ASR Azure 2 Azure scenario now supports Windows Server 2016 and storage spaces, but sill misses managed disks support.

You can now ingest Check-Point Firewall logs into OMS Security Solution. The target data type is CommonSecurityLog that is now becoming the OMS alias for CEF logs. The same datatype is used for example by the Cisco ASA solution. The solution is developed by Check Point itself and installs a python based daemon. I don’t like it! I mean why don’t integrate in the standard FluentD model without any external components? Again: I don’t like it.

OMS Docker solution now supports t Docker Swarm mode and Secret.

Mr. Tao Yang explains the insights of $PSPrivateMetaData in Azure Automation. And yes Tao I didn’t know about it and it solves me a problem related to concurrent jobs the other way around: when I need to run jobs in parallel and to do that I need to know the current runbook context.

System Center

Virtual machine Manager 2016 Management Pack version

Our preferred SCOM Console, SquaredUp added a new licensing Option

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