#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 27/17


This week big news is the GA of Azure Stack. Taking Azure capabilities on premises can help customers leveraging the full potential of an hybrid environment, without the need to maintain two different deployment and management models (even if we already have tools that help bridge the gap between on-prem and Azure). Having had the opportunity to follow Azure Stack development I must say it has been a huge engineering task: reducing the Azure footprint down to 4 systems has not been a joke. I don’t know if it will be a success or not, my feeling is it can be a success if the price of the entire solution is right, I cannot see any client willing to pay a premium to have Azure on prem, on the other side if there’s no premium tag it can become a fast selling.

Connectivity check in Azure Network Watcher is in public preview

Another service leaves ASM in favour of the new portal experience, finally StorSimple physical devices get to the portal

And speaking of the Ibizia experience, AD Domain Services finally lands on Ibiza. Still it only supports classic vNet, ‘cmon PG let’s take this last step.

Dv3 and Ev3 VM are now GA. Things are getting really articulated and choosing the right VM family is becoming a job in itself. Anyway Ev3 are the old D high memory, so basically Ev3 are for memory intensive workloads. The notable features for these v3 VMs are:

  • now VM cores are mapped to Hyper-Threads and no more to physical cores. Until now on Azure there was no core overbooking, a VM with 4 cores was assigned 4 physical cores on the host. With v3 they’re now assigned a vCPU backed up by Hyper-threading on the physical socket. As a bonus you get a 28% discount.
  • these VMs are running on Hyperv 2016 so you can use nested virtualization

Azure SQL previews SQL 2017 compatibility level

Scale sets get new networking features, now you can:

  • Assign a public IP address to every single VM
  • Custom DNS per set (previously they inherited the vnet DNS)
  • Multiple IPs and NICs per VM
  • Network Security groups (NSG) can now be applied to a scaleset
  • IPv6 load balancer support

Azure networking performance for VMs improves for both Windows and Linux. You can get up to 25Gbps bandwidth and super low latency (sub 1msec) with Accelerated Networking.

Announced at Build now Azure Managed Applications are in public preview, they’re a great way for ISP to provide serviced solutions to their customers.


ASR now supports large disk sizes and Storage Spaces and Windows Server 2016 in the Azure 2 Azure scenario.

System center

Microsoft System Center 2016 Management Pack for Windows Storage Spaces Direct version

Microsoft System Center 2016 Management Pack for Microsoft Azure version

System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Azure Stack


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