#squared_up did it again – community powershell MP

The guys in SquaredUp have a long story in contributing to the SCOM community, apart the fact of developing the best SCOM web console on the market. And they did it again, releasing a community based Management Pack that helps in building custom monitoring directly from the SCOM Monitoring Console using powershell.

You can have a jumpstart with the MP watching the recorded webinar here.

And you can get the MP here.

The Management Pack allows SCOM administrators to create the following workflows:

Name Type Description
Run a PowerShell Script Diagnostic Runs a script as a diagnostic, returning text
PowerShell Script Three State Monitor Monitor Runs a script and reports Healthy, Warning, or Critical based on the script output
PowerShell Script Two State Monitor Monitor Runs a script and reports Healthy or Warning/Critical based on the script output
Run a PowerShell Script Recovery Runs a script as a recovery, returning text
PowerShell Script Alert Generating Rule Rule Raises Alerts if the output of a PowerShell script matches a specified criteria
PowerShell Script Event Collection Rule Rule Collects events created and submitted by a PowerShell script
Run a PowerShell Script on an event Rule Runs a PowerShell script if a specified event is detected
PowerShell Script Performance Collection Rule Rule Collects performance metrics created and submitted by a PowerShell script
Run a PowerShell Script Rule Runs a PowerShell script on a routine interval
Run a PowerShell script Task Runs a simple script as an agent task, returning text

To install the PowerShell Monitoring MP you will need:

  • SCOM 2012 R2 or later (earlier versions may be supported but are untested)
  • SCOM Admin rights (only administrators can import management packs)
  • SCOM authoring rights provided to any user who needs to create PowerShell-based workflows


If you want to know more, my good friend @MrTaoYang has a very detailed post on the Management Pack.

Since this is a community based free Management Pack the entire SCOM community should help

Bugs – if you find any, please let them know asap!

1. Feature Requests – if you have any requests for additional functionality you think others would find valuable, please do let SquaredUp know. They can’t promise to incorporate these into the initial or indeed any future release, but they’ll certainly take the suggestions onboard and look to incorporate them if possible / appropriate.  Of course, the MP will shortly be available, open source on GitHub, so at that point you’ll be able to make any personal modifications to it that way, should you prefer.

2. Sample scripts – if you’re interested in sharing a script that you think would be broadly applicable and useful, please let them know and they’ll happily share that with the wider community, either directly in the release webinar, via a link to a blog or repo of yours and / or in GitHub when SquaredUp release the MP to the community.

3. Anecdotes – if you’re not able to share scripts but do have a great use case(s) you’d like to share to help inspire others as to what they can achieve with the MP, please let SquaredUp know and we’ll share that with the community

4. Encourage your colleagues – as a SCOM guru, hopefully you’ve already been able to achieve a lot of what you want to with SCOM via Management Packs but we believe the beauty of this MP is opening up the power of SCOM to those without such specialist knowledge. So, if you’ve got non-SCOM colleagues who you know have a locker full of handy PowerShell scripts, why not show them how those can now be leveraged via SCOM and encourage them to share too


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