#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 33/17


Azure Event Grid is not in public preview. With Azure Event Grid, you can subscribe to any event that is happening across your Azure resources and react using serverless platforms like Functions, Logic Apps, Azure Automation and anything that has a web hook interface.

Azure Data Catalog support for relationships and related data assets, plus a Rest API to pro grammatically publish your catalogs.

Azure batch gets some new features

Azure Service Bus .net and Java client are now GA.

For those who have missed the rumors Just-In-Time VM Access is a great security feature: it allows to temporarily open any port properly filtered by your IP for remote management without the need to keep them wide open all the time. Just in time access is now in public preview. The feature is included in the standard tier of Azure Security Center (list price €12.65/node/month). The good news is that the cost cna now be shared with OMS Security and audit solution. In any case it’s not cheap imho.


OMS Network Performance Monitor gets a facelift:

  • agent health and diagnostics
  • Hop-by-hop latency breakdown
  • Ibiza integration

System Center

OMS Service Map Management Pack is in public preview

SCCM team messed up the 1706 build, but promptly published a fix

Kevin Holman updated its SQL RunAs Addendum MP.


PSSwagger can help you consume RESTful web services.

Update your git client to avoid a serious vulnerability

How to get the wear level of your SSD disks: Get-PhysicalDisk | Get-StorageReliabilityCounter


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