#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 35/17


Token Lifetime for AzureAD has been changed to improve user experience, the new defaults apply to newly created tenants.. Defaults can be changed using the New-AzureADPolicy cmdlet. If you have 5 minutes here is an interesting reading on the topic.

Improvements to Azure AD Connect Health sync error reporting. But still we miss the ability to consolidate errors in OMS or in our monitoring system of choice. To know more

Yes, yes and yes again!. Finally Azure AD Services support ARM vNET. At the moment they’re in public preview.

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) or encryption at rest for Azure SQL DB and Data Warehouse with the possibility to user your own key is now in public preview

and on the subject of encryption at rest, you may not know that now or very soon all your data on Azure storage will be encrypted with keys managed by Microsoft

Azure SQL DB improves its performance capabilities and allows to purchase extra storage for a given tier. Previously you were limited to the maximum storage allowed for that tier. Read more

Azure blob storage events add to Event Grid

Soon Azure SQL Database will switch to SQL Server 2017 compatibility (level 140). Obviously you can downgrade the compatibility level, but better yet you should set the compatibility level in your database deployment script (ALTER DATABASE database_name SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL = XXX;) Read more


Inside #MSOMS v2 ebook is now available for free(https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Inside-the-Operations-2928e342). Great job guys: Tao Yang, Stanislav Zhelyazkov and Pete Zerger, Anders Bengtsson, Kevin Greene.

The Service Map extension for azure VMs has been released, while this is good, I just add I don’t use VM extensions to install or configure the OMS agent for my VM. I don’t want the automatic agent update operated from Azure to kill my agents (happened many times) or to apply a change without my knowledge.

System Center

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2016 inbox MP hotfix for WMI health monitor issue You need it.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager – Clients for Additional Operating Systems updated


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