#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 41/17


General availability (Windows) and preview (Linux): Accelerated Networking

Azure Batch updates catch up and you must add Batch AI now in public preview.

General availability: Service Fabric 6.0 on Linux. With this update Service Fabric is GA as a container orchestrator on Linux. Things are getting interesting, today on Azure we have:

  • single instance containers
  • Web App for (linux) containers
  • Azure Container Services (that supports Swarm, DC/OS and Kubernetes). The latest will soon add Windows containers supports and hybrid clusters.
  • and obviously Service Fabric

ADAL.NET 3.17.0 released. This is particularly interesting for those who write code against Azure AD and use Azure REST interface (like I do in many automation runbooks and management packs). Noteworthy the new option of bypassing the credential cache and asking every time which account should be used.

Azure Monitor can now process Azure IoT solutions status and health. Speaking of IoT hub, it exited my radar in the last couple of months since I haven’t been involved in any interesting project on the subject, but form what i can see the platform is rapidly improving. For example it recently added support for X.509 CAs.

Azure Files share add snapshots in public preview , on Windows machines they’re exposed as previous versions. Alas we still miss a full backup solution integrated in Azure Backup, but it won’t be long since it is in private preview now.


Azure Automation is a great tool, as I wrote many times, we use it extensively. My good friend @MrTaoYang just releases a no non sense module that allows you to automate and manage the credentials needed to login to Azure Subscriptions.

Azure Action Groups can now leverage ITSM solution in Log Analytics to automatically open incidents in your ITSM tool.



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