#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 43/17


The container story is getting more and more interesting as time goes by:

If you use Azure AD and ADFS you better read this. Some URLs must be added to the Azure AD Idp to leverage the new resiliency features of AAD. If you’re using AADConnect and configured it to be aware of ADFS it will modify the Idp for you.

An interesting wrap up of resources on how Microsoft is addressing the GDPR requirements and tools to help organizations in the assessment phase. For my oversea friends the General Data Protection Regulation is the “new” regulation for the protection of personal data in the EU.

The replica between your on-prem SQL Server to Azure SQL Server is now GA.

Another VM family joins the pack, Fv2 VMs are the fastest of the lot with up to 72 cores and 144 GiB of RAM ans speaking of speed Cray supercomputers power will soon be available through Azure.


Public preview: Python 2 support and Hybrid Runbook Workers for Linux. The xPlat story reaches Azure Automation.

As you may know ASR is now surfaced in the VM blade in the Ibiza portal. Now this is nice on one end, but at the same time it can be misleading. There’s much more in DR than the VM replica.

Log Analytics Linux Agent: new DSC Diagnostics script published 

System Center

First of SquaredUp commitment to the community continues with the “SquaredUp Community Catalog” It solves the issue of finding third parties and community management packs directly in the SCOM console with the ability to know if a new version has been released.

Here comes System Center 2016 UR4. it adds TLS 1.2 support across the board, with tsome manual steps required to configure it.

Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2016 Orchestrator, but seriously move to Azure Automation for example using the System Center Orchestrator Migration Toolkit. If you’re stuck with Orchestrator you me interested in:

  • Microsoft System Center 2016 Management Pack for Orchestrator – Service Management Automation version
  • Microsoft System Center 2016 Management Pack for Orchestrator
  • System Center 2016 – Orchestrator Integration Packs 7.3

Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2016 Operations Manager: resolves an issue that causes a crash of IIS application pools that are running under CLR 2.0 when the APM feature is installed on the server as part of SCOM Agent + other bug fixing.

Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2016 Service Manager: bug fixing

Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager adds some nice new features:

  • Backup storage migration
  • Custom size allocation
  • Optimized CC for VMs on Hyperv 2016
  • For more information you can read this blog post


If you use VS Code then you may be interested in the latest release of the powershell plugin.

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