#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 44/17


Managed Applications are now Generally Available in the Azure Marketplace. This opens new opportunity to partners to deliver their solution on Azure “as a service”. I like a lot the idea, but I don’t know if we will go down that way soon.

VNet Service Endpoints and Storage Firewalls and Virtual Networks extended to all regions.

You can now deploy the updated IoT Remote monitoring solution.

Notable marketplace releases in September:

  • OpenVPN Server
  • F5 BIG-IP with autoscaling
  • F5 WAF
  • Barracuda Application Security Control Center
  • Red Hat EL 7

In October we must take note of the release of:

  • Windows Server 1709

New threat detections in preview for Linux OS in Azure Security Center.


I updated the post on how to configure Squid for OMS agents, read more here.

New version of the OMS Linux Agent v1.4.2-124, just bug fixing for the on boarding phase.

System Center

If you need to get SNMP traps from your devices but you cannot or you don’t want to fully discover them, take a look at this post by Kevin. This is a demo MP that can be easily adapted to your needs, well you’ll probably just want to remove the “Demo” prefix :-).

Speaking of SCOM don’t forget the SquaredUp Community Management Pack Catalog and if you know of a community MP that’s useful, not noisy, doesn’t kill a SCOM infrastructure just let me know or contribute to the repository.




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