#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 45/17


Azure powershell module 5.0.1 has been released, time for a good “update-module”. Warning it will take some time.

Cosmos DB Storage Explorer is now in public preview

Scale sets add automatic OS image upgrade to ease the burden of keeping the base image of a set up to date. “An upgrade works by replacing the OS disk of a VM with a new one created using the latest image version. Any configured extensions and custom data scripts are run, while persisted data disks are retained.”

In the new October offers in Azure marketplace connectivity solutions take the spotlight, my general opinion is: use them if you really need them, if not just stuck with the platform, much cheaper and improving at cloud speed.

App Services and Functions land on Azure Stack.

Query replica scale-out added in Analysis Services for improved performances.

Automatic tuning will be turned on by default in all new SQL Database deployments starting Jan 18th. Beware that if you don’t explicitly configure Automatic tuning it will be turned on for existing databases as well.


Azure Backup adds production support (i.e. is now GA) for System State Backups, this means Active Directory protection without the need of any additional infrastructure.

If you’re an express route customer then you may want to monitor it, isn’t it? Well after the announce of the long awaited metrics now you can use OMS Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) to monitor ER circuits. I guess the customer I’m set to visit next Tuesday will be delighted.

System Center

Finally we have System Center semi-annual channel previews. It was announced last June and it promises to bring new features at a faster pace at the struggling suite. Now version 1711 is in preview and you can start testing it at the following links:

To know more you can read here.

Kevin has released a new version of his great “Agent Management Pack7.0.0.47 this release adds support for UR4.


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