#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 46/17


The Connect week brought new services and features to the entire family of services offered by Azure to develop cool new solutions, raising again the bar and setting Azure as the most comprehensive development platform in the public cloud landscape. imho

Azure reserved VM instances are now GA, for those who missed the news they allow significant savings in exchange of a 1-3 years commitment. Read mode.

Azure Advisor gets a fecelift with new dashboards and reports and it is still free.

Cloud Services and classic (ASM) virtual machines are now available only in the Ibiza portal and not anymore in the old azure portal.

Azure cloud shell bash is now GA, powershell remains in preview.

CosmosDB improves adding:

  • Read SLA up to 99.999% (!)
  • Apache Cassandra API (preview)
  • Aggregation pipeline and unique indexes for MongoDB API
  • Spark connector
  • DB Table API enters GA
  • pre-GA (don’t know what it means exactly) of the Gremlin API. Read they’re almost ready to ship GA for GRAPH API based on Gremlin.

Azure functions, the serverless event based platform lands on IoT Edge (preview) and can now run on Linux. Plus Function Proxies are now GA. Proxies makes it easy to perform simple API operations, like nesting multiple Functions together under one API.

Azure Databricks is an hi-perf Apache Spark platform as a service offer that has been announced at Connect.

Azure Database Migration Service for SQL 2005+ to Azure SQL Database is now in public preview, other scenarios from other SQL platform to different flavors of SQL on Azure are still in private preview.

Azure DevOps Project is now in public preview. It helps you launch an app on an Azure App Service of your choice in a few quick steps and set you up with everything you need for developing, deploying, and monitoring your app.

Conditional access is one of the great features of Azure AD and it is improving steadily adding in GA:

  • Support for macOS device-based conditional access
  • Application-based conditional access for limiting access to managed apps with in-app controls for iOS and Android
  • The Devices blade in Azure AD in Azure portal

Microsoft Cloud App Security proxy is now in public preview as you may recall App Security Proxy is an extension to the conditional access capabilities of Azure AD.

MariaDB joins the SQL managed platform in Azure, at least this is the announcement. It adds to SQL Database, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Starting on November 15th, 2017, sending outbound email directly to external domains (such as outlook.com, gmail.com) from a Virtual machine (VM) will be made available only to certain subscription types. Outbound SMTP connections using TCP port 25 (primarily used for unauthenticated e-mail delivery) will be blocked for most new subscriptions. Read more .

Azure DNS adds support for CAA records and IPv6 nameservers.

Nice wrap up of all the new features released or announced for Azure Networking in fall 2017.

Microsoft cognitive services continue their journey adding more languages for analytics and translation and some more.

Azure Time Series Insights is GA. Azure Time Series Insights is a cost-effective and performant service for the analytics, visualization, and storage of time series data.

Read about the improvements in AI tools announced at Connect.


Automation DSC pricing gets better for non-Azure nodes (for those it is free, hard to do better), you can now control how you pay per node up to a maximum of 6$ per node per month.

This post by Stan is worth a read, both in terms of assessment of your schannel protocols usage and in terms of kusto language flexibility.  Speaking of which, Tao has something to say about programmatically query Log Analytics. Note to self start form this post for the next version of the OMS management pack.

System Center

The new wave of SQL Management Packs has been released, please note that starting from SQL 2017 the management pack will cover all the versions afterwards, dropping one management pack per version paradigm, The SQL Server versions before 2014 are all included in the generic Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server:

In SCOM management packs, writing good KB articles has always been time consuming. With the Management Pack Knowledge Authoring Tool you can simplify the process, understanding the right balance between what makes sense to be coded inside a MP and what needs to be dynamically linked externally remains.


Powershell Core 6.0 reached the RC milestone.


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