#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 47/17


Azure Service Health preview has added a Health Alerts feature, so that you can be notified of service outages.

VSTS moves definitely to Ibiza for account management it won’t be available anymore from the old portal.

New Azure Policy features get to public preview, now the announcements made to Ignite are available to anyone. I cannot stress enough the importance of governance for your Azure Subscriptions and Azure Policy is the way to go.

Interesting post wrapping up Azure SQL databases disaster recovery  It is brief and straight to the point, if you have doubts on your DR strategy this is a must read.

Now I’m planning to test Jenkins integration with VSTS for our build needs, the point is you need a VM to run Jenkins on and it must be available when you need to trigger the build. Then I stumbled on this post  with an interesting perspective on using Azure COntainer INstances (ACI) to run a Jenkins docker image on demand. I hop to find the time to experiment on this.


Azure backup now encrypts your data at rest using Storage Service Encryption. It must be added that data sent from an Azure Backup Server or DPM Server to Azure Backup was already encrypted, but azure VMs backup data was not. The current datasets will be encrypted in background.

System Center

SCCM 1710 relased. The top story here is co-management of Windows 10 devices between ConfigMgr and Intune. Now I stand my ground, this is one of the broken scenario Microsoft has. Co-management adds complexity and different operations experiences based on the device type (win 10 vs previous, or mobile vs traditional) and operations (I can perform advanced sw distribution or OS deployment only from ConfigMgr, but advanced access policies only from Intune). Seriously this is crazy and a pity because ConfigMgr is a great tool with great scalability and Intune should have been built starting from there focusing on a common user experience and a single console to address the modern workplace management challenges.


Reset password from Azure AD now integrated in the Windows 10 logon screen. I like it.

Wrap up from Connect().



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