#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates weeks 1-2/18


You can finally change the directory associated to your Azure subscription in the Ibiza portal, in the subscriptions blade.


More options to connect to the Cloud Shell

General availability: Augmented rules for NSGs. Augmented rules simplify security definition for virtual networks, allowing you to define larger and complex network security policies, with fewer rules. You can combine multiple ports, multiple explicit IP addresses, Service tags, and Application security groups into a single, easily understood security rule.

Azure Web Application Firewall is maturing and finally integrates with Azure Security Center. You can even see it the other way around. In any case this is good news.

Accelerated Networking is now GA for both Windows and Linux. It gives up to 30Gbps of throughput and not less important ultra-low latency. The only caveats I can see is it cannot be enabled for existing NICs, so to enable accelerated networking for existing VMs they need to be reprovisioned.

Azure Data Lake tools for VSCode released.

Microservices design guide on Azure Kubernetes, interesting read.


Powershell Core 6.0 is now GA. Microsoft clearly stated that this will be the version that will see improvements, while good old powershell will only see bug fixes. My feeling is it will take years for powershell core to replace Windows Powershell.



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