#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 4/18


Azure standard support plan gets cheaper and shortens initial response time for critical cases. This is good, but in my opinion Microsoft should focus on improving the overall quality of Azure support, don’t get me wrong it is not such bad, but often the first level is a waste of time, once you are able to escalate the case things get smoother.

Cosmos DB now integrates with Visual Studio for functions based development  

Azure RM 5.2.0 powershell module released,several usability improvements, but nothing to highlight specifically.

Azure Zone Redundant Storage in public preview   on the same subject zone redundant scalesets are also in preview

Azure Search now implements encryption at rest, the downside is you don’t have any visibility if your index is encrypted or not, you just trust Microsoft when it says everything index or reindexed after Jan 24th is encrypted.


Azure Site Recovery improves onboarding experience and monitoring capabilities. Still we miss Azure Monitor and Log Analytics integration.

ITSM Connector for Azure is now generally available

You can now enable a backup of a VM at creation time via the Azure Portal.

System Center

Update 1801 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview, among all the features ‘phased deployments’ is my favorite.

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