#Azure notable updates week 19/18

Build 2018 is over and tons of new announcements, all somehow related to Azure have been made. I try to get the notable ones in terms of Azure PaaS and IaaS, I’m not going to touch all the announcements related to AI at large.

Stream analytics gets new features:

  • session windoqws
  • C# support for Stream Analytics on IoT Edge
  • builtin machine learning
  • Blob output pratitioning

Azure AD B2B continues to evolve:

  • invitation email is no longer required
  • new UI for consent for a more informed enrollment
  • self service leave of the service, so that you don’t have to involve the target tenant admin

Azure AD B2C new features start to give the service a new dignity:

  • single multi-tenant Azure AD provider with custom policies, at last
  • OIDC identity provider support out of the box (no need for custom policies)
  • b2clogin.com URI to support branding without the ‘Microsoft’ tag anywhere
  • new UI for policy management
  • localization support for 36 languages
  • ROCP flow support With this feature, your application will be able to gather user credentials in the context of a native mobile app without needing the user to interact with a web browser

Azure AppServices have seen a ton of new features in April,one of the most notable is the full integration with docker and Kubernetes for multi container applications, so basically you can now choose between Windows, Linux or Docker when activating a new AppService.  Speaking of AppServices, diagnostics have been extended to Functions and ASE. And we have a new SSH Experience and Remote Debugging for Linux Web Apps, you can now bypass Kudo and with  remote debugging capability for Linux Web Apps, developers can now set break points in a code editor and live debug an web app running in App Service on Linux or Web App for Containers. Also Azure App Service Snapshots are now in public preview, with snapshots you can easily restore your Web App with a RPO up to 1 hour and a retention of 30 days.

Microsoft announces its own CDN, this CDN option is being added alongside existing provider options from Verizon and Akamai.

Service Fabric announcements:

  • Service Fabric Mesh supports both Windows and Linux containers
  • on-premises cluster management through the Azure portal (and CLI)
  • Support for IoT edge devices

Shared Image Gallery now in limited preview, right now available only in West US. It allows you to organize and share custom VM images.

Azure eventgrid announces new features:

  • support for CloudEvents industry standard
  • events custom schemas
  • new integrations and client SDKs

Managed Kubernetes on Azure or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has been one of the hot topic at Build, with support for DewvOps projects made easy and a revamped portal experience the AKS onboarding has been made easier. Plus new core features have been launched like Azure Monitor integration and HTTP application routing. Read more here.

Read for enhancements in Application Insights Profiler and Snapshot debugger. Easier enrollment, on demand profiler (instead of 5% sampling), profiler for App Services for Linux.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse now allows for automatic creation of column statistics.

Public preview: Azure Blockchain Workbench

General availability: Azure Cosmos DB Virtual Network Service Endpoints 

Microsoft account age-related features for GDPR

Event Hubs targets Kafka ecosystem with API level compatibility.

You can sign up for Azure Confidential Computing a new computing architecture aimed at data security.

Azure CosmosDB vnet service endpoints go GA, like Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage had.

For those interested in all the announcements and new capabilities for IoT Edge this is a good post.


On premises solutions

System Center 2016 – Orchestrator Integration Packs version 7.3

System Center Management Pack for Active Directory Federation Services version

System Center Management Pack for Active Directory Federation Services 2012 R2 version 7.1.10100.1



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