#Azure notable updates week 23/18

The disaster recovery service (Azure Site Recovery) for Azure IaaS virtual machines reaches GA. While the service has been in preview for a while, having it generally available makes it ready for prime time.

Azure Standard SSDs are a cost-effective Managed Disk solution optimized for dev-test and entry-level production applications requiring consistent latency. They are now in public preview. The biggest difference with HDD disks is in latency, standard SSD allows single digit latency, while throughput and maximum number of IOps remain the same of standard disks.

@MrTaoYang shows how to deploy Azure policies via ARM templates and how to deploy subscription level ARM templates.

Azure Backup for SQL Server on Azure now in public preview, this means you can now backup your SQL Server databases running on virtual machines without installing Azure Backup Server. Cool.

And Azure Backup agent (MARS) version 1804 has been released

So if you want to create an Azure Monitor alert based on Log Analytics performance data and be alerted for every object instance (for example for every disk across your monitored systems) you better take a look at this @StanZhelyazkov post.

PolyBase in Azure SQL Data Warehouse, the preferred loading mechanism, can transparently read data from the encrypted storage layer and move the data in a secure way by using the WASBS protocol, even when the storage is encrypted with customer provided keys stored in Azure Key Vault.

Deployment Center is a centralized overview for all of the deployment options available to you for your App Services. It also provides a guided experience to set up your deployments. The new experience is currently in preview.

PostgreSQL 10.3 released on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Speech services now in preview

On-premises systems

Community previews of the new SQL Server Management Packs released:

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