New release for #Azure #SCOM MP addendum

Today I just released version 1807 of my SCOM Azure Management Pack addendum. You can find the new release on github.

In this release I added:

  • support for Azure Monitor so that any enabled alert rule is discovered in SCOM, plus any New and unresolved alert is signaled in SCOM (and resoleved when it’s not new or unresolved anymore)
  • support for Azure Backup for SQL Databases in virtual machines

Alert rules can be checked under the folder QND – Azure\Azure Monitor\Alert Rules


the point of having Azure Monitor alert in SCOM is all about getting a single console to manage alerts and notifications. While I’m sure in the future we will start to do exactly the opposite (i.e. sending SCOM alert into Azure Monitor), today this is premature.

For Azure Backup I just added support for the new SQL Database running inside a VM workload. Recently all the Azure backup logs have been integrated in Log Analytics, so now you have two options to monitor Azure Backup protection, either you use the SCOM MP or you integrate Azure backup with Log Analytics, define your alert rules in Azure Monitor and get the alerts back into SCOM that way.


As usual any contribution is welcomed, especially for documentation and KB articles.



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