#Azure notable updates week 49/18

This week the data platform takes the lion share.

More services join Azure virtual network service endpoints:

And on a related news Azure Database for MariaDB is now generally available.

Speaking of data platform, customers can now scale up their compute to 64 vCores in the General Purpose pricing tiers and 32 vCores in the Memory Optimized tiers in Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Azure SQL data Warehouse lowers its entry point. In a try to reach more customers.

Azure CosmosDB now offers shared databases. Also Azure Cosmos DB offers service level, global CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) support. Now I didn’t know what CORS was. It turns out CORS is an HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol) feature that enables web applications running on one domain to request resources from another domain

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance— now offers (GA) Business-critical service tier. Based on super-SSD and always on replica, it promises full compatibility with performances and availability difficult to achieve on-premises.

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 enters public preview. It’s a v2 so ton of new features and performance improvements. Worth a read.

Azure AD B2C is constantly adding more features, this is a service I strongly believe in, even if the maturity of service has yet to be proved. This week the added Javascript and page contracts in public preview. The two features are strictly related as you can read here and here.

It is now possible to use Azure Site Recovery in conjunction with Azure Availability Zones.

Azure Machine Learning service, a cloud service that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models, is now generally available.

In an effort to bring some clarity in the container offer, Azure Container Service is set to retire on January 31, 2020. Now the top choice in Azure are Service Fabric and Kubernetes Service. For simpler deployment you can use Azure Container Instance service.

Also Azure Service Fabric Mesh fall refresh is now avaialble.

Azure Functions 2.0 now supports Python development using Python3.6. Currently in preview.

Azure File Sync agent version is available for download.

Azure Source Volume 60 and Volume 61.

On-premises systems

System Center Management Pack for Active Directory Federation Services version

System Center Management Pack for Windows Server Cluster version



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