#Azure notable updates weeks 50-51/2018

Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs firewall rules and vnet service endpoint are now generally available.

Users can now migrate SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance with minimal downtime by using generally available functionality in the Azure Database Migration Service. Also Azure Database Migration Service now supports premium tier.

Speaking of the Microsoft Data Platform, Azure SQL Data Warehouse adds automatic performance monitoring (in preview). Similar to what happens in Azure SQL Databases, Azure SQL DW adds a query store. Query Store is designed to help you with query performance troubleshooting by tracking queries, query plans, runtime statistics, and query history to help you monitor the activity and performance of your data warehouse.

Public preview of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. The same feature has been available for Azure SQL Databases since the beginning of the year.

Azure Backup can automatically protect SQL databases in Azure VM through auto-protect, the feature is in public preview.

Related to Azure backup the recently released Azure Backup Server (MABS) v3 has a shortlist of new features:

  • Can be installed on WS2019 and use SQL Server2017 as the repository
  • TLS 1.2
  • Builtin volume migration
  • Optimized consistency check for VM running on WS2016 or later

Azure Monitor for containers now generally available.Azure Monitor for containers monitors the health and performance of Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Is the new Az powershell module the cure for AzureRM inconsistencies? We all hope so, but this comes with a price. Your current scripts must be ported to the new module, even if as a mitigation alias for the old cmdlets will be provided. Alas the two modules cannot be run side by side in the same script or powershell session. If you add that all new features will be added to the Az module and not in AzureRM, it is time to plan the migration to Az.

Static websites on Azure Storage now generally available, probably this has limited use cases, but now it’s there.

Azure.Source – Volume 62

Azure.Source – Volume 63

On premises systems

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 1801 Management Pack to configure Operations Management Suite version 7.3.13285.0

Microsoft System Center Management Pack for ADDS version



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