#Azure notable updates week 3/19

Azure FileSync Agent version is now available for download.

Microsoft Azure Recovery Service (MARS) agent (better known as Azure Backup Agent) build 9156 for Windows Server 2012 R2 is now available for download. Contains changes for detecting VDL mismatch for log files.

If you’re using Azure Backup to protect your SQL Server workloads inside Azure VMs and if those VMs are protected with Azure Firewall, then you need some extra configurations. You may know that VMs backup is performed at the fabric level, so basically your vNet connectivity is not at play, but protecting SQL databases inside VMs uses an agent based approach (extension as it is called in Azure) thus it uses your vNet to communicate with the recovery service vault. Fortunately Azure Firewall already as an Application defined for Azure Backup, so you must add an Application Rule where you specify Azure Backup as your FQDN Tag. If you want to know more read this post.

Azure Data Factory adds its own alerting system, this makes me wonder on the overall Microsoft Strategy, I mean why don’t just integrate in Azure Monitor?

Now we can integrate data from Log Analytics in Grafana leveraging the new version (public preview) of the Azure Monitor plugin.

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