#Azure notable updates week 6/19

I think the biggest news of the week is the possibility to manually failover GRS and RA-GRS storage accounts. While this feature is still in limited public preview it opens interesting scenarios in terms of disaster recovery for storage accounts.

Azure data and analytics platform has had its share of new announcements this week. Starting from a market positioning by Julia White, to the general availability of Azure Data Lake Storage v2, Data Explorer and the preview of the mapping data flow in Azure Data Factory. If you want a summary this post by Jurgen Willis is a great heads up. Also new connectors have been released for Data Factory (just to report a few: MongoDB, S3, Google Cloud Storage, Dynamics AX, …). Interesting times ahead for the analytics platform.

Deploying SQL Server Availability Groups in Azure is getting easier and easier. Obviously you must first ask yourself if Azure SQL Databases or SQL Managed Instances are not a viable solution, but in case you still need your VMs to control, the SQL VM cli automates the configuration of AG for you.

Slightly related Read Replicas for Azure Database for PostgreSQL are now in preview

SQL Server Migration Assistant support for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is now generally available, also support for Amazon RDS SQL Server has been added.

Azure Cost Management (or the final porting of Cloudyn in the Azure Portal) is now GA for Enterprise Agreement customers and starts public preview for pay-as-you-go customers.

You can now use Azure Service Bus from your Python services by using the new preview release of the Service Bus package for Python.

Azure Stream Analytics now supports Azure SQL Database as reference data input. Reference data is a dataset that is static or slow changing in nature which you can correlate with real-time data streams to augment the data.

Azure.Source – Volume 68

On-premises systems

System Center Management Pack for Windows Server DNS version



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