#Azure notable updates week 24/19

This week the entire Azure data platform released many interesting features. Starting with SQL Managed Instances, with a lower entry point with 4 vCore on Gen5 hardware, and adding the dev/test pricing option for individual Visual Studio subscribers. Customers using monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers automatically receive discounted rates of up to 55 percent.

Also Azure Security Center now offers integrated Advanced Data Security available for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. This security feature provides:

  1. Vulnerability assessment—A database scanning service that can discover, track, and help you remediate potential database vulnerabilities. Detected vulnerabilities across all connected SQL Servers will appear in one unified dashboard.
  2. Advanced threat protection—A detection service that continuously monitors your database for suspicious activities and provides action-oriented security alerts on anomalous database access patterns.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL support for PostgreSQL 11 is now in preview and also Azure Database for MariaDB support for MariaDB 10.3 is now available. Intelligent Performance for Azure Database for MySQL and MariaDB is now in preview. The performance insights implements: the query store, query performance insights, and performance recommendations.

But we have not finished yet, Azure Database for MariaDB read replica is in preview. You can replicate from the master server to up to five replicas within the same region as the master. Replicas are updated asynchronously using the MariaDB engine.

Last but not least, Azure Analysis Services adds in public preview calculation groups to address the issue of measure proliferation in complex BI models often caused by common calculations like time-intelligence, and many-to-many relationships.

Azure Advisor improves ASC integration and adds more recommendations.

Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewall custom rules are now Generally Available. The custom rules contain a rule name, rule priority, and an array of matching conditions. If these conditions are met, an action is taken (to allow or block).

Azure.Source – Volume 86

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