#Azure Notable updates week 31/19

Azure Dedicated Hosts are now in public preview. As the name implies you can have your own hosts where only your VMs are allowed to run.

Azure Blue Prints continue to add compliance builtin modules. The latest one is the NIST SP 800-53 R4 blueprint. I didn’t even know what it was referring to before reading the annouce (it is the Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations). The good news is the team is continuously releasing new samples.

Azure Security Center for IoT is GA, plus ASC adds recommendations for SQL resources.

Network Security Groups now support ICMP and adds 3 new self explaining service tags AzurePlatformDNS, AzurePlatformIMDS, AzurePlatformLKM. Well IMDS is not so self explaining, is the Instance Metadata Service or the service that returns information on VMs (maintenance events, sku, …). Those service tags shall be used with caution since they can disrupt azure platform services.

Azure SQL Server Managed instances no longer require outbound connectivity to the public Internet and Azure DNS Service.

Azure Site Recovery Update Rollup for July 2019 is available. Among other improvements I like to underline:

  • support for disks up to 8TB when replicating from VMWare
  • cross the board improvements in monitor and resource health
  • General Purpose v2 storage accounts can now be chosen for cache storage or target storage

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