#Azure notable updates week 50/19

Limited preview of agentless dependency monitor for Azure Migrate is now available. Currently only for VMWare servers, the dependency data is discovered remotely by the Azure Migrate appliance without the installation of any agent or script on virtual machines. btw dependency monitor, as the name implies, helps finding relationships between systems so that you can migrate everything that is in scope.

Private Links for AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services) enters public preview. With this addition the control plane server has a private IP so all the traffic between the control plane and the working nodes is kept private. As you may know, since this is a manged service, the contorl plane lives in a separate and Microsoft managed subscription.

Azure Application Gateway, web application firewall module adds a bot protection rule set. The rule set is currently in preview.

Azure Functions 3.0 exit preview and enter generally available state. Since a few management tools are still missing, Azure Funciotn 3.0 will become the default for new apps starting January 2020.

MySQL 8.0 is not fully supported in Azure Database for MySQL.

Proximity placement groups (PPG), a new directive that keeps your VMs close in networking terms, is now GA. If you deploy your VMs in a proximity group you get the lowest possible network latency, obviously you must consider the overall architecture, the closer the VMs to each other, the more prone to contemporary faults they are. So you probably want to architect your infrastructure with multiple proximity placement groups. You can combine PPGs and availability set, even if it’s not clear from the documentation how the two interacts.

Azure Service Fabric 7.0 is available and still alive.

My fellow MVP Stan published an interesting article on how to summarize perf data (actually any data) in Log analytics using Azure Functions saving on the data retention fee. Interesting read.

A recent update increases the control on platform updates for VMs runing on Azure Dedicates Host. You can now postpone up to 35 days any impactful fabric update even for rebootless updates. The feature is currently in preview.

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