#Azure notable updates week 5/20

Azure lighthouse continues to improve, a set of new features is now GA. Quick reminder: Lighthouse is the cross tenant management solution for Azure aimed at MSPs and customers with multiple tenants to manage. The new GAed features are:

  • MSPs can now remove themselves from a customer tenant
  • Resource Graphs has now ManagedByTenant context so that you can leverage this API cross tenant
  • Also the Subscription() funciton now includes IsThisSubBeingManagedTrueOrFalse
  • Policies can be deployed across tenant, via powershell
  • Customers can upgrade the service provider offer to the latest version through the Azure portal

Azure Backup releases two new private previews:

Azure Data Factory Adds Managed Identity Support to Data Flows

Azure site recovery now supports replication of Customer-Managed Keys (CMK) enabled disks. This is an Azure 2 Azure scenario.

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