#Azure notable updates week 12/20

Connection monitor is the final answer to network connectivity monitor, it bring together Network Watcher connection monitor and NPN Service Connectivity monitor and promises to monitor cross cloud and cross premises connection links. The new solution is currently in preview and obviously is integrated in Azure Monitor. Speaking of, Azure Monitor for VMs enters GA status.

If you want to use your own keys to encrypt at rest your docker images in Azure Container Registry, now you can (in preview).

Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Content Delivery Network (CDN) is now in preview. It extends WAF protection to your CDN endpoints.

Azure Storage immutable storage possibility to append new data to immutable blobs is GA. In this way you can continue to add data to your blobs without the need to create a new one and at the same time remaining confident once data is written it is immutable.

Private Endpoints / Private Links coverage continues to expand to more services while getting GA status for others, among the latest ones:

  • Azure Storage
  • Azure SQL DB
  • Data Explorer
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • CosmosDB and many more

For an up to date list, you can check this news.

Azure Functions support for Python 3.8 is now generally available, with this addition we also get more support for ML workloads:

New version of Log analytics / MMA agent released, mainly bug fixing. But expect automatic updates of your Azure VMs if you left auto-update on.

Event Grid adds a premium offer in preview, this offer will provide more security features and for example private links to reach the event grid infrastructure.

Azure Cache for Redis reserved capacity now available.

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