#Azure notable updates week 20/20

For Italy the big news is Microsoft is going to open a national Azure region. It was due time. AWS has recently (last month) opened an Italian data center, and this announcement from Microsoft is trying to at least limit the damage. The strategy is clear, but it has some cracks. For example the public sector for the region I live in (one of the richest in Italy) sponsored its own cloud provider and I cannot see a way the sector will use Azure to a significant degree in the near or medium future. Anyway we will wait and see and the news is great, we badly needed a local region.

Azure Storage logs integration with Azure Monitor is now in limited public preview. You can participate the preview by registering in Preview registration form

Premium tier for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 is now available in public preview, unfortunately not yet in the EU data centers.

But that’s not all. Azure Storage teams has been pretty active lately. It has announced GA for Geo-Zone-Redundant Storage (GZRS) and Read-Access Geo-Zone-Redundant Storage (RA-GZRS). Account failover is also GA. It has also released two new features:

  • blob versioning. As the name implies, versioning automatically maintains prior versions of an object and identifies them with version IDs.
  • point in time restore. Again the feature is in the name it provides storage account administrators the ability to restore a subset of containers or blobs within a storage account to a previous state.

Now if you want SLAs for your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) you can opt-in paying a fee and getting 99.95% Uptime on Azure. At the same time you can keep your current plan (99.5% uptime with no SLA) and use AKS control plane for free. Quick reminder, SLA backed services provide you with a refund (in operating hours) if the promised SLA has not been met on a monthly basis.

Azure Front Door Service introduces rules engine actions. You can define match conditions based on incoming request properties and apply a set of predefined actions to the request, such as redirections, headers mods and so on.

After VM CPU bursting, Azure Compute now introduces disk bursting for Lsv2-series Virtual Machines. This feature doesn’t cost anything extra and comes enabled by default.

Azure Spot Virtual Machines are finally GA. Spot pricing is available on single VMs in addition to VM scale sets (VMSS). Spot VMs allow to use unused Azure capacity at a discounted price, but you’re not guarantee you can spin them up whenever you want to.

Events based programming model is more and more common in modern applications, Azure Web Apps let now publish events in Azure Event Grid. The feature is in public preview.

A quick update on Azure services that can use Azure Private Link, the list is growing.

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