#Azure notable updates week 31/20

You can now use the RDS web client through Azure App Proxy. This is especially useful when you have an RDA farm published via App Proxy, previously you couldn’t connect to such a farm via RDS web client. The feature is in public preview.

Playing on a similar tune, Windows Virtual Desktop has seen a huge increase in demands during this COVID era, but the service is still relatively young with gaps in the management area. As always happens with the cloud, these gaps are rapidly closing. This week the product group announced the General Availability of:

  • Azure Portal Integration for the farm configuration
  • RBAC integration for administrative roles
  • Publishing to Azure AD Groups instead of single users
  • Integration with Azure Monitor
  • Optimized support for video conf with Microsoft Teams

NFS 3.0 support for Azure Blob storage is now in preview. With this addition you can access Azure Blob storage natively. During preview the transaction costs are those of normal blob storage. After preview these will possibly increase, but the cost per GB of storage is planned to remain the azure blob storage normal rate.

Azure Monitor Community Repository finally sees the light. As the name implies it is a GitHub repository of solutions for Azure Monitor (KQL queries, workbook, alerts, …)

With precise timing another update (48/July 2020) for Azure Site recovery has been released, the notable features included are:

  • Private Links connectivity for Site Recovery replication
  • Support for Oracle Linux 7.8, 80, 8.1 and 8.2 (this one only for VMWare/Physical scenarios)
  • Private Preview for enabling replication with Azure Policy

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