#Azure notable updates weeks 11-12/21

Forecasted cost alerts for Azure budget are now generally available and a must have to build a consistent and proactive cost management strategy for Azure.

As anticipated Azure AD External Identities (or probably Azure AD B2B done right merged with Azure AD B2C) entered the GA status. It is worth a look even if many features are just in preview.

The Azure SQL team has been particularly active in these two weeks, let’s take a look at all the new releases.

The Service Broker component of Azure SQL Managed Instance allows you to compose  applications from independent services, by providing native support for reliable and secure message exchange between the databases attached to the services. With this feature Azure SQL Managed Instance can host a data tier of applications that distribute work across multiple instances that may reside in different Azure regions.

Azure Monitor SQL Insights is now in Preview. Now things are getting a little bit confusing, while the Azure Monitor Team is actively working on a new and universal Azure Monitor Agent, here we have a new custom agent based on Telegraf. Honestly if the single teams start to use different technologies, even if integrated in Azure Monitor, the manageability of the solution is going to be a nightmare. Not a good sign.

Auditing for Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics tracks database events and writes them to an audit log in your Azure storage account, Log Analytics workspace, or Event Hubs. All the destinations are now GA.

Long-term backup retention on Azure SQL Managed Instance is in Preview. By using the long-term retention (LTR) feature, you can store the specified full backup of a SQL Managed Instance database in Azure Blob storage with configured redundancy for up to 10 years.

App Service Managed Certificates now supports apex domains (first level domains) apex domains will be similar to the certificate issued for sub-domains in that it will be a standard certificate and not a wildcard certificate. Each certificate will be valid for six months, and about a month before the certificate’s expiration date, App Service will renew the certificate. The feature is in preview.

Python Durable Functions support in Azure Functions is now generally available

Azure Storage Explorer v1.18.0 is now generally available. It catches up with all the new feature of Azure Storage and implements better logging. Apart from the usual bug fixes.

A new minor release (v.1.13-35) of the Azure Monitor Agent For Linux has been released, it contains mainly bug fixing.

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