#Azure notable updates weeks 15-16/21

Azure Blob storage supports for objects up to 200 TB in size is GA.

Log Analytics Windows Agent for Winter 2021 now generally available, but sill the release notes have not been released.

The start VM on connect setting for Windows Virtual Desktop automatically turns on a VM that is in a deallocated state when a user attempts to connect to it. With this setting you can deallocate VMs that are not in use to save cost while ensuring that users can connect to it if needed. This long waited feature is currently in public preview and only accessible via powershell or REST API.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL hyperscale (Citrus) has released several new features in preview:

  • Basic tier. Run a server group using only a coordinator node and no worker nodes. An economical way to do initial testing and development, and handle small production workloads.
  • Read replicas (currently same-region only). Any changes that happen to the primary server group get reflected in its replica, and queries against the replica cause no extra load on the original. Replicas are a useful tool to improve performance for read-only workloads.
  •  maintenance schedule for each server group, with system-managed schedule as the default

Azure Automation now supports System Assigned Managed Identities for cloud and Hybrid jobs  managed identity for your Azure Automation account preview

Sentinel Incident timeline is in preview, it helps building a timeline when investigating incidents. This feature is of great help.

Among the news from the Identity team there’s the preview of AD FS sign-ins in Azure AD reporting and Azure AD verifiable credentials. Verifiable Credentials are a new way for person to share claims or proof with all the applications who embrace this standard. Interesting indeed. Other releases can be tracked here.

Defender for Endpoints can now discover network devices using a designed endpoint with Defender for Endpoints installed. Currently, the following operating systems are supported: 

  1. Cisco IOS, IOS-XE, NX-OS 
  2. Juniper JUNOS 
  3. HPE ArubaOS, Procurve Switch Software 
  4. Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 

More will be added in the future.

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