#Azure notable updates week 19/21

Several things happened on the storage side of Azure. First you can now define fine grained access rights to your Azure blob based on attributes. This feature currently in preview builds upon Azure RBAC and ABAC (Attribute-based access control) to assign roles based on blob attributes, such as the presence of a tag, the value of a tag, the container name or the blob path. This feature allows to build structured access rights based on attributes defining a dynamic and scalable model. Then Operational Backup stepped into GA. It integrated the snapshot feature of Azure Storage Blobs with Azure Backup to provide a cost effective way to revert your content point in time. The drawback is the backup and the live date are on the same storage account. Hence the “operational” thing. Lastly Append blob support in Azure Data Lake Storage is now generally available append blobs.

Leveraging the CSI storage driver (preview) for AKS you can now access the secrets stored in an Azure Key Vault. This is a great interoperability step.

NP-Series virtual machines are tailored for accelerating workloads including machine learning inference, video transcoding, and database search & analytics. The provide a Xilinx U250 FPGAs. Due to my ignorance I didn’t know what FPGAs are, it turned out they’re pretty interesting programmable device, how you can infer from their name “field programmable gate array”. They are chips where a large majority of the electrical functionality can be changed programmatically.

Quick recap of a few features for Azure VPN Gateway entering GA:

  • Multiple authentication types for point-to-site VPN – You can now enable multiple authentication types on a single gateway for OpenVPN tunnel type. Azure AD, certificate-based and RADIUS can all be enabled on a single gateway.
  • BGP diagnostics – You can now see the Border Gateway Protocol session status, route advertised and routes learnt by the VPN Gateway.
  • VPN packet capture in Azure portal – Support for packet capture on the VPN Gateway is now availbe in the Azure portal.
  • VPN connection management – With new enhancements in VPN connection management capabilities, you can now reset an individual connection instead of resseting the whole gateway. You can also set the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) mode of the gateway to responder-only, initiator-only or both and view the Security Association (SA) of a connection.

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