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Extending #MSOMS Log Analytics through Linux – part 1

#Extending #MSOMS Log Analytics through Linux – part 1 Foreword I don’t know how many articles this series will end up with, it’s basically another journey I started trying to solve real world issues. This time I needed to monitor Kemp loadmaster devices from OMS and sepcifically using Log Analytics (LA). As you may know […]

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#Azure notable updates week40-42

New features are coming in at warp speed, let’s perform a quick recap of the most important of them (as usual from my subjective perpsective): General availability: Temporal tables in Azure SQL Database AzureAD Domain Services is now GA!(https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/10/12/azuread-domain-services-is-now-ga-lift-and-shift-to-the-cloud-just-got-way-easier/) Support for secure LDAP: You can access your managed domain using LDAPS (secure LDAP), including over […]

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#Azure notable updates w16-38-39

Now this has been the Ignite week, so there have been a ton of new announcements as usual I list the ones I consider of interest, but remember this is just my perspective. Azure Services Azure AD Application Proxy new connector version (1.3.1135.0). This update included the following fixes and improvements: Improved exception handling and […]

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@Squared_up brings new life to #SCOM

I know, I’m getting old. I first started implementing Operations Manager back in year 2001 when it was called Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), and before that I used NetIQ AppManager and what was NetIQ/MissionCritical OM. I still strongly believe Operations Manager is a great monitoring platform that gets where other platforms don’t. Every new customer […]


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Extending #MSOMS Agent health solution

I usually lecture my customers telling that there’s only one thing worse than an unmonitored critical service, a critical service you think it’s monitored but it is not (in reality). After all, it is exactly the who audits the auditor question. Every monitoring system is prone to bugs that diminish its monitoring reliability. The problem […]

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