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#Azure notable updates week 32/19

Azure Monitor now can be integrated with the Prometheus (the open source monitoring solution for containers) when monitoring Azure Kubernetes Service. The integration is currently in preview. The nice thing is Azure Monitor takes care of everything, you just need to expose the Prometheus endpoint in your pods, no need for a Prometheus server to […]


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#Azure Notable updates week 31/19

Azure Dedicated Hosts are now in public preview. As the name implies you can have your own hosts where only your VMs are allowed to run. Azure Blue Prints continue to add compliance builtin modules. The latest one is the NIST SP 800-53 R4 blueprint. I didn’t even know what it was referring to before […]

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#Azure notable updates week 30/19

Azure Artifacts backed packages can now be shared anonymously on the public Internet. The feature is in public preview. Azure Powershell (Az) version 2.5.0 has been released, to update you machine just type Update-Module -Name Az Azure Security Center adds new network recommendations and removes obsoleted recommendations. Log Analytics, the machine data ingestion platform that […]

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#Azure notable updates week 29/19

Every Azure region includes several data centers, the distance between data centers is measured in tens of kilometers, this introduces latency on network traffic when azure artifacts are deployed in different data centers. With proximity placement groups you can keep your VMs close one to each other and be sure they’re placed in the same […]

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#Azure notable updates week 28/19

Azure Data Share is a new data service aimed at file based data sharing across organizations leveraging Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake. It implements a publish and subscription model that should help regulate any file transfer between organizations. It is supposed to substitute FTP or Web file transfers, the only drawback I see is […]

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