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Hyper-v Monitoring with #scom #sysctr

History April, 14 2015 – Added tasks to manage virtual machines. MP version released. April, 9 2015 – Added more options for Hyper-V monitoring both community based and commercials. MP version released. April, 3 2015 – original post   Recently I’ve been involved on an issue where a set of virtual machines stopped replicating […]


SquaredUp version 2.x and the need of better data representation #scom #squaredup #sysctr

This post is unusual for Quae Nocent Docent, it’s is not strictly about an issue and its solution, but in a very similar way, it’s about a pain every Operations Manager administrator feels. “I have such a great monitoring solution and a ton of collected data, how can I show all this information in an […]

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#DPM 2012 Addendum management pack #sysctr

Today is an exceptionally snowy day, power is on and off again, lovely day to write something using my surface battery power. Today subject is DPM SLA monitoring. In my experience monitoring is just a matter of perspectives. Whichever is yours, it’s always useful to have very actionable alerts and begin able to predict systems […]

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#scom OS MP 6.0.7294.0 serious flaw

a new MP has been released that should fix the issue. Not tested yet. Just a quick warning to all the SCOM admins reading. The latest OS MP (6.0.7294.0) has a serious flaw with logical disks performance collection. Basically it squares you collected perf data points for logical disks. Based on your environment this can […]


#SOFS logical configuration reference

Scale-out File Server (SOFS) is a great new technology we can find in Windows 2012 R2 (debuted in 2012). We have endorsed SOFS with or without storage spaces (see Aidan blog). In either cases SOFS is a great NAS solution based on SMBv3 that can be leveraged by Windows OS (file sharing, hyper-v vhdx, SQL […]



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