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#MSOMS Gateway server preview

One of the common challenges when deploying OMS agents is the fact that agents need to connect to the OMS cloud. Even when connected through OpsMgr many data flows require a direct connection from the agent to the public cloud. Fortune wants all the communication is https (we still have a noticeable exception for the […]

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#MSOMS wildcards searches

Just a quick note on how to use wildcards in Log Analytics searches: the wildcard token is * and it works only if you don’t enclose the searched for string in quotes. This creates an issue if you have spaces or dots (.) inside your string, to overcome this use the ? token. A few […]

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Notes for #Azure #ARM: how to perform conditional deployments

Notes for #Azure #ARM deployments: how to perform conditional deployments I’ve already wrote about my ARM experiences and in the meantime I had time and chances to work more on the subject. While my first impressions have been confirmed, the model is becoming more and more convincing to me. As soon as you start to […]


Happy 2016 with System Center Universe 2016 America #SCU2016

So it’s a new year, but good old habits don’t necessary have to be changed. My fellow MVP and friend @cfullerMVP did it again, and System Center Universe 2016 America is ready to start. For those cmonig from Mars or just trying to get rid of the new year’s day hangover SUC2016 is a free […]

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More cool stuff for #MSOMS

I finally can share with you more cool stuff that will be soon available for Microsoft Operations Management Suite. I’ve been bound by my NDA until it finally went public. The innovation pace the team is keeping for MSOMS is really unbelievable, this solution is growing fast and solid and really it is a solution […]

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