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Monitoring #OMOMS ARM VM Backup with #SCOM

Another quick headsup hoping to have more time in the near future, but coding and writing posts don’t go well together when days are still based on 24 hours. So, as many of you know yesterday Backup for Azure VM created with the ARM model went GA. This is great news and I strongly encourage […]

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#MSOMS Monitoring Azure backup Server

Azure Backup Server is a solution integrated in Azure Backup to protect your application specific workloads (AD, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, …). The Azure backup Server is a specialized version of System Center DPM, where the tape support has been stripped away and some optimizations added for Azure Backup support and streamlined setup. Unfortunately there are […]

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#MSOMS monitoring reprise

It’s no mystery I’m currently working more and more with Microsoft OMS (OMS), a lot of key new features are added on a weekly basis and more and more are coming. Still, we as a managed service provider and our customers have a huge investment in System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr). The goal is to […]

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#MSOMS Gateway server preview

One of the common challenges when deploying OMS agents is the fact that agents need to connect to the OMS cloud. Even when connected through OpsMgr many data flows require a direct connection from the agent to the public cloud. Fortune wants all the communication is https (we still have a noticeable exception for the […]

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#MSOMS wildcards searches

Just a quick note on how to use wildcards in Log Analytics searches: the wildcard token is * and it works only if you don’t enclose the searched for string in quotes. This creates an issue if you have spaces or dots (.) inside your string, to overcome this use the ? token. A few […]

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