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Monitoring #MSOMS the other way around (#SCOM)

This one is a challenging one. With more and more customers extending their current OpsMgr experience with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) new scenarios emerge. In my last article I tried to get into the OPMS data flow and how to control it before it leaves our datacenters (Taking control of your #MSOMS data flow), […]


Taking control of your #MSOMS data flow

Microsoft Operations Management suite (OMS) is a cloud borne management suite that make it possible to monitor, automate, protect your workloads wherever they are: Azure, AWS, on-premises and more. My good friend and fellow MVP Stan (https://cloudadministrator.wordpress.com/) has a very comprehensive series of articles on this new suite. If you haven’t given OMS a try […]

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Windows Azure Backup with and without DPM – some notes #wab #dpm #sysctr

This post is based on my direct experiences planning and implementing WAB and DPM+WAB. All my findings are true today, as you know cloud services are improving and changing fast. Now that the Windows Azure Backup (WAB) pricing has changed the convenience of using Azure as secondary backup starts to get to a fair level. […]

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Hyper-v Monitoring with #scom #sysctr

History May, 9 2015 – Ignite version Moved the repository to git-hub, pulled @MrTaoYang contributions April, 14 2015 – Added tasks to manage virtual machines. MP version released. April, 9 2015 – Added more options for Hyper-V monitoring both community based and commercials. MP version released. April, 3 2015 – original post   […]


SquaredUp version 2.x and the need of better data representation #scom #squaredup #sysctr

This post is unusual for Quae Nocent Docent, it’s is not strictly about an issue and its solution, but in a very similar way, it’s about a pain every Operations Manager administrator feels. “I have such a great monitoring solution and a ton of collected data, how can I show all this information in an […]

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