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@Squared_up brings new life to #SCOM

I know, I’m getting old. I first started implementing Operations Manager back in year 2001 when it was called Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), and before that I used NetIQ AppManager and what was NetIQ/MissionCritical OM. I still strongly believe Operations Manager is a great monitoring platform that gets where other platforms don’t. Every new customer […]


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Extending #MSOMS Agent health solution

I usually lecture my customers telling that there’s only one thing worse than an unmonitored critical service, a critical service you think it’s monitored but it is not (in reality). After all, it is exactly the who audits the auditor question. Every monitoring system is prone to bugs that diminish its monitoring reliability. The problem […]

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#Azure notable updates w36/37-16 #MSOMS #AzureAD #StoreSimple and more

AS usual my notes on the latest Azure updates: UK region opens with two datacenters UK South and UK West Major update to SQL Database Advisor makes database performance tuning much faster Azure Backup gets Enterprise-level policy management in Recovery Services vault (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/azure-vm-backup-policy-management/) Eventually Azure AD meets the new portal (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/09/12/the-azuread-admin-experience-in-the-new-azure-portal-is-now-in-public-preview/) Log Analytics query language […]

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#MSOMS collecting Cisco ASA events the right way

When I first saw the post on Cisco ASA log collection for OMS Log Analytics I rushed to configure it to complement the security sources we’re collecting. Alas it didn’t work the device name was wrong, basically it was the time of the syslog entry. After a while I’ve been able to return to the […]

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Leveraging #MSOMS perf data for basic trend analysis

This is an internal project my team developed @Progelspa, the idea is very simple: leverage Log Analytics data to create a shortlist of usage trend patterns that may need to be investigated by a human. The solution addresses the following requirements: be able to specify a set of intervals to compare the usage with. A […]

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