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Using Workflow Analyzer remotely

Workflow Analyzer (WFA) is a great tool to debug your Management Packs. It is part of the MP Authoring Toolkit you can download here. Many blogs reported about it and many event described how to use it, see Steve Rachui’s post. Despite being such a nice tool I always found troubles when trying to trace […]


Troubleshooting StateChangeEvent grow

In the past few weeks we had a major issue with our  OpsMgr infrastructure. The net effect was the OpsMgr db filling up in a very short period of time (less than 24 hours). Using SQL reporting to check for the guilty table, addressed us to the StateChangeEvent table: 6 millions rows and 22 GB […]


Moving MOSS 2007 DBs to another SQL Server instance

A colleague of mine asked for help in moving a set of MOSS databases from one SQL server to another. This is not an uncommon scenario, for example it’s used in the Microsoft proposed site recovery scenario (with a mirrored SQL Server). He followed the step by step guide defined in this blog post:; […]

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Executing an OpsMgr 2007 script manually may result in an empty console output

One of the cool feature of OpsMgr 2007 is that you can test a script outside the OpsMgr environment, simply running it from a command line by using CScript.exe ( I use this feature often to debug my scripts while creating Management pack or for troubleshoot problems with Management pack not written by me. Sometimes […]



Post dated data – reprise

I wrote about the effects of post dated data flowing in the OpsMgr db in this post of mine The case of post dated monitoring data. There I focused on health state issues caused by off time data, but I hadn’t realized, until today, that post dated data affects disocvery as well in a more […]